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Registration is open for the 2018/19 season !

- Classes run from September 04, 2018 - June 21, 2019
- Annual Registration Fee: $20
- Tuition is paid monthly. Monthly fees are as follows (plus GST):

1 class/week: $76     4 class/week: $280     7 class/week: $448
2.class/week: $152   5 class/week: $340     8 class/week: $512
3 class/week: $216   6 class/week: $396     9 or more: come talk to us! :)

+ Upon enrollment, registration fee and first month's tuition will be due, plus 1 of 2 annual installments of costume & performance fees.

+ When registering, hover over "more info" to see breakdown of fees associated with each class.

+ If you or your child are unsure if a class is the right fit, simply select "Request a Trial/Drop-In Class" below to try out a class before committing for the full year.

+ All dancers are encouraged to wear an Anna Wyman School of Dance Arts Jacket.  Fittings will take place in September 2018.


+ If you are interested in our Professional Training Program (PTP), please contact the office to schedule an audition: (604) 926-6535 or info@annawyman.com. The PTP schedule and fees are not listed here.


ADULT CLASSES are held on a 10-class card and drop-in basis only. 1. Please first register both as a family and as a student. 2. Purchase a class card under "Online Store" at the bottom of the page, then simply show up to whichever class you'd like! Or to drop-in, click on "Enroll in a  Class" and select the specific date(s) you would like to drop-in. 3. Please enter your payment information and remember to click "Process Payment" at the very end. You will know your purchase has been completed when you see that your "payment has been emailed".

Note: "Request a Trial/Drop-In Class" is an option for children who would like to try out a class before committing for the full year. This is NOT for adult classes.