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2017/18 Season ( NEW FALL-WINTER-SPRING: AUGUST 5, 2017 through June Recital 2018)

9:45 - 10:25FORMING TWINKLE STARS Preschool B/T Combo FORMING M945183-5 YearsAN9:45 - 10:25TWINKLE STARS Preschool B/T Combination FORMING T945183-5 YearsAN9:45 - 10:25FORMING TWINKLE STARS Preschool B/T Combination W945183-5 YearsAN9:45 - 10:25TWINKLE STARS Preschool B/T Combination R945183-5 YearsAN9:45 - 10:25TWINKLE STARS Preschool B/T Combo F945183-5 YearsAN
3:30 - 4:10TWINKLE STARS DANCE SAMPLER Ballet/Tumb/Jazz M33041518Ages 2 &1/2 - 4HH3:30 - 4:10fORMING TWINKLE STARS DANCE SAMPLER3 Ballet/Tumb/Jazz T33041018Ages 3 - 4AN3:00 - 3:40TWINKLE STARS DANCE SAMPLER2 Ballet/Tumb/Jazz W334018Ages 3 - 4HH2:30 - 3:55Soul to Sole Tap Group R234315 INT/ADV Call Kay: 830-9647AdultK11:00 - 7:00Step by Step Ballroom *Private Lessons *Groups *Parties F111018 Call 200-7348 AdultPS
4:15 - 4:55FORMING Jazz Funk Ages 10-17 M415518Ages 10-17Teens & TweensHH3:35 - 4:15TWINKLE & SPARKLE STARS Preschool B/T Combo T330410183-5 YearsAN3:45 - 4:10TAP FUNK W34541518TEENS & TWEENSHH4:00 - 4:25TAP TO THE BEAT W4425TEENS & TWEENSK
6:30 - 8:30Step by Step Ballroom MW6383 Call Pat 200-7348AdultPS4:15 - 4:55SPARKLE STARS Primary B/T Combo T41518K-1st-2nd GrAN4:15 - 4:55JAZZ FUNK astd W4345518AstdHH4:30 - 5:10SPARKLE STARS Primary B/T Combo R4301717Ages 6-7-8 Gr1&2AN
5:00 - 5:40FORMING Jazz Funk T55418Gr K-1-2AN5:00 - 5:40BALLET & TAP COMBO AGES 6-7-8-9 W50018Ages 6-7-8-9HH5:45 - 6:25TWINKLE & Sparkle STARS PreK thru K - B/T Combination R545173yr-Grade KAN
5:45 - 6:25SPARKLE STARS Primary B/T Combo T5456318Ages K-1-2AN5:45 - 6:25CONTEMPORARY LYRICAL JAZZ FUNK W41545518Older Teen through AdultHH6:30 - 7:25Step by Step Ballroom R6373 Call Pat 200-7348AdultPS
6:30 - 7:25Step by Step Ballroom T630730 Call Pat 200-7348AdultPS6:30 - 8:30Step by Step Ballroom MW6383 Call Pat 200-7348AdultPS7:30 - 8:25Step by Step Ballroom R7:30 Call Pat 200-7348AdultPS
7:30 - 8:10FORMING Teen/Adult Ballet/Pointe T73081018Older Teen through AdultHH8:30 - 9:25Step by Step Ballroom R830 Call Pat 200-7348AdultPS
8:15 - 9:10Step by Step Ballroom T815910Call Pat 200-7348AdultPS

9:45 - 10:25SPARKLE/TWINKLE STARS Ballet & Tap Combination S9451025183/4 & 5/6 YearsAN2:00 - 10:00Step by Step Ballroom Private Lessons or Group Classes By Appointment Su200 Call: 200-7348AdultPS
10:30 - 11:10SPARKLE STARS II Pri Ballet & Tap Combination Ages 6-7-8 Years FORMING S10301110Ages 6-7-8 YearsAN2:30 - 3:30DREAM TEAM Step by Step Ballroom Call re Placement 200-7348See InstructorPS
12:00 - 8:00Step by Step Ballroom Private Lessons, Group Classes, Parties S128 Call: Pat 200-7348AdultPS
2:30 - 4:00Ballerina Birthday Party Sa230ChildAN
3:00 - 3:30Ballerina Birthday Party- add Ballerina Character Sa3ChildAN
7:00 - 9:00PARTIES By Step by Step Ballroom 1st & 3rd Saturdays 7-9 PM Step by Step Ballroom 200-7348AdultsPS