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Welcome to the A&A Ballet online registration!
Please follow the provided steps to make online credit card payments.

2019-2020 SESSION DATES:
- Year-Round, September 3, 2019-May 30, 2020
- First Semester, September 3, 2019-January 18, 2020
- Second Semester, January 20-May 30, 2020

*IMPORTANT: Once a student registers for any Pre-Professional, Conservatory, Youth Company, or Conservatory Team Program, a student is committing to the entire school year.  Once a student registers for any Children's or Open Dance Program, a student is committing to the entire semester. Tuition for all programs mentioned above must be paid in full even in the event of the student's withdrawal or dismissal from the program before it is complete.

TUITION PAYMENT:  Annual tuition is divided into nine monthly payments; first payment due upon registration (along with a $35 Registration Fee), and the remaining payments divided into the subsequent months (i.e. September-April).  Semester payments are divided into 4.5 monthly payments; first payment due upon registration (along with a $35 registration fee), the remaining payments divided into the subsequent months (September - December or January- April). Tuition is automatically deducted from the credit card on file on the 15th of each month and is non-refundable.

For Junior Intensive, Winter Intensive, Back to School Program, and any other workshops, tuition payment must be made in FULL at time of registration.  The International Summer Intensive will be divided into three installments.  All intensive and workshop tuition is non-refundable regardless of injury, withdrawal, or dismissal from the program.

For NUTCRACKER REGISTRATION, all production fees must be paid in FULL at the time of registration and are non-refundable.  The rehearsal schedule listed is approximate (day and time) and is subject to change.

LATE FEES:  Payment must be received within 10 consecutive days from time of registration enrollment for a new season, the 15th of each month (monthly tuition payment), or 10 consecutive days from an Intensive/Workshop registration.  Failure to do so will result in a $50 Late Fee charge to your account or a drop from registration for an Intensive/Workshop.

For STUDENTS IN BALLET IV OR BALLET V:  If the recommended level indicates UNLIMITED, you may add the Unlimited Option to your registration.  If the Unlimited Option does not work with your schedule, you may register for any Single-Day Option that works instead.

**Please note that class placement is determined based on the student's age, experience, ability, or at the discretion of the Directors of A&A Ballet.  Instructors evaluate students during the first few classes to assure proper placement. Where there is any doubt about student level, we place students at a lower level so that the student may be advanced rather than moved back if an adjustment is required.  
Thank you!
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